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Sign in with your Apple ID to manage your Podcasts. Don't have an Apple ID? Create one in iTunes. Learn more about iTunes Connec 5. Submitting Podcast to iTunes Store. Now that the testing and RSS feed validation is out of the way, you are all set to submit the podcast to iTunes. Click Submit. However, this is just the first of the equation. The podcast connect still need to review your podcast before it goes public If your podcast is already on Apple Podcasts/iTunes, it is still a good idea to check that it is correctly configured to fetch your Acast RSS feed. If you have just switched to Acast Open and redirected your podcast, then typically your feed in Apple Podcasts will automatically update within 24 hours

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  1. Step 1: Have a Podcast. When you're ready to submit a podcast to iTunes, you need to have your podcast totally set up and ready for listeners. iTunes submission is really the last step in the overall process (think about it like publishing a book and shipping it to bookstores)
  2. Your podcast will not be immediately searchable inside iTunes. It will take up to a week before the information has been cached on the Apple servers and people will be able to find you via search. Filed Under: Blog , iTunes Tutorials , Tutorials Tagged With: audio , get into , how to , itunes , list , podcast , podcasting , rss feed , store , submit , vide
  3. How to Submit a Podcast to iTunes Logging into Podcasts Connect is straightforward. Just click the + symbol in the left-hand corner. To register your podcast with iTunes, you'll need to submit your RSS feed to the service
  4. Select Submit to Apple Podcasts to log in to iTunes Connect with your ID. If you don't have an existing ID, Apple users can create one for free in the App Store ( App Store > Select profile picture > Select Create New Apple ID )
  5. Then, click continue. You will need to wait to make sure that iTunes has received your podcast validly. And if you are missing required tags for the RSS feed, iTunes will need the values of those tags. Wait for the iTunes staff to review and submit your podcast to iTunes. The wait can be a few days or even weeks
  6. The most important channel for your podcast will be Apple Podcasts. Here's the process for submitting your show, and improve its chance of getting into New & Noteworthy: Have 3 episodes recorded and in your RSS feed before you submit to iTunes. Submit your feed by going to Apple Podcasts Connect
  7. Here are the steps to submit your RSS feed to iTunes: Copy your RSS feed from your podcast host. If you're using Buzzsprout, click on the iTunes & Directories tab. Paste your RSS feed into the new feed section of Podcasts Connect (formerly iTunes Connect) and click Validate

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  1. To submit your podcast to iTunes, you'll need to have the follow fields in your RSS feed: Podcast Title — Apple uses your title as a search term in iTunes, so make sure it is descriptive. It has a..
  2. Before you submit your podcast to iTunes, you need to have at least two to three episodes ready. Listeners often times get impatient, especially when they become interested in a podcast, and will ask for more. You can end up getting negative reviews if you only have one episode available,.
  3. Submit your podcast to the Apple Podcasts directory You must have an active Apple ID to submit podcasts to the iTunes Store Apple Podcasts directory. You may create a new Apple ID if you do not already have one. Sign in to iTunes Podcasts Connec
  4. After the podcast is accepted into the iTunes directory, you will receive a second email notice that includes the URL for your podcast as listed on iTunes. Click the URL in the email and make sure your podcast appears as you want it to the iTunes directory
  5. imum) and 3000 x 3000 pixels (maximum) should be uploaded to your Libsyn or Soundcloud account

Submitting your podcast to Apple Podcasts doesn't just put you on iTunes. Many podcast apps (Overcast and Pocket Casts) draw from Apple's directory. This means that submitting your show to Apple Podcasts can open you to a massive audience of potential listeners. Step 1: Publish Your Podcast to a Host. Apple Podcasts is not a podcast host. It doesn't store your audio files. It's just a directory that collects podcast RSS feeds and displays the content of those feeds to its. Submit your Podcast to iTunes / Apple Podcasts Now, time to submit your podcast! Once logged into Podcasts Connect, click the plus icon, top left, as shown. You'll then be asked for your RSS feed address Once it's there, you get an RSS feed address for it and you can submit that to other services such as iTunes. To get as many hours of podcast as you need, use SoundCloud Pro Unlimited instead.

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Go to iTunes Connect to submit your podcast. Review all your podcast information and make sure it's correct; click on the iTunes Store tab, scroll to the bottom and click the Podcasts link under Explore, and then click Submit a Podcast In order to submit podcasts to the Apple Podcasts Connect portal, you must create an Apple ID that is activated for the Apple App Store. Create an Apple ID Sign into the Apple Podcasts Connect management portal to submit your podcast's RSS feed You can find our instructions to submit a podcast to Apple Podcasts You can add podcasts to your iTunes library by subscribing to them in the iTunes Store or by subscribing to them directly from Web sites that host them. Similar to a tape of a radio broadcast, you can save and play a podcast at your convenience — both in iTunes on your computer and on your iPod

Select the Podcasts link from the iTunes Store menu on the top of the screen. The Podcasts page appears. Click the Submit a Podcast menu item located in the top-right of the page. iTunes loads the Submit Podcasts page Submit and manage your shows on Apple Podcasts. Find resources and marketing tools to help grow and manage your show Best method in 2020 is to just go to http://podcastsconnect.com. Once you've created a valid podcast RSS feed including proper iTunes tags with album artwork.. While logged in, click on the iTunes Store tab. Scroll to the bottom and click on the Podcasts link under Explore. On the right-hand side, click Submit a Podcast to open the Podcasts Connect page. Once you've loaded the iTunes Podcasts Connect page, follow the steps below: Log in with your Apple ID

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